Keep your eyes peeled at EroFame 2018

Rocks Off is a brand that's globally recognised for edgy styles, finishes and on trend packaging. It's no surprise that their latest ranges of pleasure products promise not to disappoint on any of these levels.

'We always try and look at different markets and see what is currently trending or what's a bit different and see how we can apply this to our products.'

Dr Rocco Range

Dr Rocco's Pleasure Emporium
Dr Rocco's Pleasure Emporium is a range of 10 products themed and designed around Steam Punk which is basically a science fantasy genre that incorporates designs and elements inspired by 19th-century steam-powered machinery and Victoriana retro-futuristic inventions.

The products are all designed with specifically related details that give them an automatic and authentic steampunk fit. The silicones have been produced to portray an intricately crafted and forged item with a further special finish, not currently seen in the adult industry, giving the look of lustre and patina of aged and forged metallics.

Night Wish, Day Dream and Halcyon Daze are the spectacular 90 mm 10 function bullets from the collection that sit within the range and they also power some of the products. They feature the hallmark design of steampunk complete with clockwork cogs intermingled with nautical tentacles and dragonfly's which are visually stunning against deep copper, gold and silver metallics.

Steampunk related products, themes and trends are currently available in design decor, fashion, accessories and consumables product markets so why not in a range of pleasure products. The packaging and presentation is also amazing, each product has its own strong identity and the products are all presented in amazing true to time era Victorian Steampunk style so they could be straight from DR Rocco's apothecary's store and traveling show.

The whole ethos of the brand and range has been created to hit the customer with that wow factor from the moment they pick up the product to taking the products out of the box to use. Who will love the range, absolutely everyone! and certainly, anyone who wants something that’s just a little different and enjoys a dashing sensual bedroom adventure or two.

And now something for the Ladies... For your Divine Pleasure
Also to be released for Ero-Fame are the elegant but supremely powerful Everygirl and Chaiamo. Made from sensory velvet touch body safe silicone both products are styled to perfection, USB magnetic re-chargeable and created with all women in mind.


Everygirl is a seductively beautiful and elegantly streamlined rabbit expertly created to fulfil and delight every-girls' desires. The exquisite design and velvet touch silicone encases the powerful dual independent 10 function motors that drive the precision blended vibrations to the shaft and clitoral stimulator. Everygirl has been designed to deliver ultimate satisfaction with each pulsing colour of its beating heart and we know that this is a Rabbit that everyone is going to fall in love with.


Chaiamo is elegant, highly powerful and crafted to absolute perfection and designed to literally drive you to the ultimate climax.

The product's 10 function motor is set to send deep, strong and sensual vibrations throughout the body whilst it targets the pleasure zones with intense vibrations. We believe this is one of the most powerful vibrators to be available in the market today! Both Chaiamo and Everygirl will provide up to 3 hours of pleasure when fully charged and are available in Black, Burgundy and Teal.

For further information please contact our sales team:

Sham Galoria, Sales Manager