Ruby Glow is unique as it's a product designed to be used while you are seated so can be enjoyed while reading a book, skyping or emailing a lover, perhaps watching an erotic movie or when you're in a chat room to add to your pleasure experience. Ruby Glow can also be used through thin clothing

The product has dual 10 function motors that work independently so the user can really craft their own unique blend of pleasure which was something that was important to Erotic writer Tabitha Rayne who is the designer of the product.

No woman is the same and there's lot of products out there but this one has been designed and engineered by a team of women. Ruby Glow was also awarded in 2016 by Sign magazine for Innovation and received very favourable reviews by the Good Housekeeping Institute and Tracy Cox on This morning in the same year (2016)

The product is manufactured by Rocks Off and sales Executive Jane Levy was at the event in LA to accept the award for the product.