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Celebrate in style, its international Women’s Day.

If you're looking for amazing way to celebrate this year, why not turn up the heat and celebrate international women’s day with an all-empowering blow your socks off sex toy. After all It’s not all that long ago that women weren’t allowed to vote, and sexual satisfaction was severely frowned upon!

Times have thankfully changed and women are celebrated for all of their achievements and gone are the days that ladies had to retreat to the parlour whilst their men drank port and smoked cigars!

Now women take full control of their, lives, careers and above all their right to their own brand of preferred sexuality, which is only right and proper particularly as women can experience orgasms up to 2 minutes long. Not that we want to point score, that would be rude, but put against the average 10 seconds that the average male orgasm lasts for, our 2 minutes of multiple orgasm heaven is something to be proud of and celebrate, don’t you think!

So, whether you are showing yourself some well- deserved self -love or getting down with your favourite male or female bedfellow for this International Women’s Day, remember get raunchy, get wild and live proud because things can definitely only get even better... So, give it your all and above all else enjoy ladies!

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Find your ideal toy in our wide range of bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators, sex toys for beginners, and rechargeable toys.

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Posted By Jordan Barber

Blue monday or to be precise January 18th is deemed to be the day where we all start to feel just a bit lack lustre and our get up and go has literally just got up and gone!

With Christmas being so different this year for so many people in all sorts of ways, it seems like there’s very little sparkle in our lives to give us something to really look forward to.

But wait, maybe there are plenty of ways to warm our lives up to get the fireworks down below springing into life and whilst you’re at it boost your wellbeing, brighten up the dismal days and enjoy the dark winter nights. One sure way to invigorate you mind, body, mood and health is to have an orgasm, so why not treat yourself to some Lock down Love be it with your partner or by treating yourself to some very well deserved selflove.


Experience a whole new kind of orgasm as Regala takes you to A-spot bliss. Now available in a vibrant Fuchsia and classic Black, this dual motor rabbit vibrator combines powerful vibrations with a sophisticated sensory body safe shaft.

• Powerful dual independent Clitoral stimulation & shaft motors • 3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure     • 10 functions x 2 for individual blended pleasure • Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone • Magnetic USB charge       • 100% Waterproof • Magnetic USB charge • LED pulse

The Big O

Everyone knows that orgasms are utterly shaaamazing, but the O that makes all the difference is oxytocin which is the feel-good hormone produced by the brain that creates the buzz which makes us feel all loved up and mad for it!

When we feel generally down about ourselves and situations, it seems too tempting and slobbishly easier to stay in our onesie’s, eat cake and try to ignore the world…………alternatively waking up for an early morning romp can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day….so why not set your alarm!


Xerus is as seductive in style as the intense pleasure it delivers. Deeply satisfying pulsations will make you and your partner shudder with each thrust, amplifying the intensity of your orgasms.

• Sensory velvet soft body safe silicone • Metallic ABS • 10 highly powerful vibration and pulsation levels • Couples Precision stimulation • 100% fully waterproof • Led pulse • USB magnetic charge • 3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure.

Oxytocin is increased through sex and orgasms for sure but guess what cuddling up with your partner can do the job too! long lazy afternoon cuddles and sensual teasing can lead to some extra steamy winter nights between the sheets… what a day…what a night!

Let’s not forget there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of self- love and appreciation with your favourite pleasure toy to stir up your inner god or goddess if your flying solo to achieve and bask in the big O. You can also use your favourite vibe to spice up the ride with you partner too.


Elegant lines and soft touch velvet finishes embrace your body’s intimate contours whilst tapered precision points take you to deep and fulfilling orgasm.

• Ergonomic lines • Tapered precision point stimulation • Sensory velvet touch finish • 10 functions • Strong vibrations • AAA battery • 100% waterproof • Body safe.

Don’t let post-Xmas waistlines put you down because Oxytocin also increases your libido and guess what? sex burns calories, so yes, it’s dark and undoubtedly dismal out there right now but there’s some really great uplifting and awesome things we can do to spoil ourselves until the sunshine and better days return, so get up and get at it…

Happy Vibes …………………..

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Posted By Jordan Barber

Smile… it’s international sex toy day!!

With all of the doom and gloom that we’ve been dealing with over the last few months anything that can cheer us up and adds little sparkle to our lives and relationships has just got to be good right! It’s generally known that SWB plays a huge part in contributing to our overall feel good factor so what better way to get us “up and at it” than a whole day dedicated to as the French would say (and everything sounds sexy in French doesn’t it) products de la passion! From bullets to rabbits, butt plugs, prostate play, wands, cuffs and whips they all have a part in our own favourite kind of bedroom play

So, we’ve asked a few of the team at Rocks Off what their favourite sex toy is and here’s what they said:

"For me it has to be the Regala A spot Rabbit, when we were looking to add to our inventory there was a gap for a larger rabbit, but we wanted something a little bit different. There are a few A spot products on the market, but they are all fairly large in girth, so I wanted to have something for the ladies that was elegant, unintimidating and hit the spot! Regala has received some fantastic reviews and after all the A spot is supposed to give the best full body orgasms and guess what ladies, that’s exactly that’s what it has been doing!! So why not treat yourself and enjoy!"

Sue Walsh, Managing Director


"What a great question! well mine has to be the product that sells the most which on our leader board this month is the RO 80 7 function rainbow from our pretties’ range……. Anyway, isn’t there always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!"

Gary Elliott, Director


“I love the sleek and elegant look of the Bamboo, especially in the Rose Gold and its unique design sets it apart from our other bullet vibrators. It has also been a big hit with my friends who love its discreet size and appearance.”

Lorna Taylor, Sales and Social Media.


“Tough question! I’ve had fun designing so many of them, but I’d have to go for Oriel. I love how simple and sleek it looks, but it really is surprisingly powerful! I also think the glowing light colours through the metallic finish look absolutely gorgeous.”

Angela Higgins, Head of Product Development


“This is an easy one for me, as soon as the Truly Yours collection was released, I was instantly bewitched by the aesthetic of the products, with beautiful brushed red complexion’s each of the reds maintain its own unique personality whilst fitting perfectly as a collection. They also feature a To and From tag making the giving of these as a present even more special and personal."

Jordan Barber, Motion Graphic Designer

Truly Yours

“As the son of Directors Gary and Sandra Elliott, I’ve really been involved with our range since the birth of the company. As you can imagine I’ve seen many products over the years but there is one toy that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that’s the Chaiamo. The product is actually mine and my partner’s favourite. It’s stylish and is also packed full of power and functions. When I’m asked to recommend bedroom products, the Chaiamo is always at the top of my list no matter if you’re new to sex toys or a regular user it’s the best!"

Bruce Elliott, Sales Executive


"There are so many but… If I had to pick just one, it would have to be the Oriel, for anyone looking for a beginner Wand this is perfect! (And if you are a pro, why not give this a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised) Its small and mighty and provides hours of fun, without compromising on power or functionality. Personally, this gives a few “wired” Wands a run for their money. Its small and lightweight, meaning you can take the Oriel on your travels or a naughty weekend away with your partner but it's quiet enough to play with in any environment…"

"I am so happy we decided to launch a Wand Massager, what a perfect addition that caters for all…."

Sham Galoria, Sales Director


"This was hard to narrow down as I am a fan of a lot of our products, but if I had to pick one I would choose the touch of velvet collection, I feel the colours and finish on these products really sets them apart from others within the industry, also I had fun producing the packaging for this range, incorporating the fresh bright personality of the product into the packaging design."

Paul Collins, Creative Director

Touch of Velvet

“My favourite Rocks Off toy, why can’t it be toys? I have so many! I can’t just say one I’m afraid as there are two joint favourites. My first choice has to be Rock-Chick as I invented the toy and it is the reason we started Rocks Off. My second choice is Rude-Boy because I had to test it and in doing so I found my G Spot (Prostate). Both Rock-Chick and Rude-Boy were the first C shaped dual stimulation toys on the market and set the trend for the industry.”

Ian Marshall, Director


"My favourite Rocks-Off product is the Ro-Zen, This was the first product I designed for Rocks Off, the inspiration being to create a soft, silicone alternative to a type of BDSM device. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and it sits proudly on my toy shelf at home."

Zen Annies, IT & Technial Manager


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Posted By Jordan Barber

Rocks Off set and on target to release more exciting products to their ranges from January 2121!

“We have been working really hard to have our latest and brand-new releases ready for early next year says Sales Director Sham Galoria

When the shock of lockdown came in March of 2020, Rock’s Off were still focused and working hard to make sure that they were on track to deliver some really amazing additions to their product range as well as continuing to supply customers’ needs “Over the last 6 months customers have remained exceptionally loyal to the brand and with this in mind we wanted to be sure that we were on target to maintain the needs and expectations they have of our brand and ranges” Said Galoria

“Clearly when lifestyles are challenged and changed people will turn to what they need to do in order to stimulate their lives, relationships and their wellbeing.” “The Intimate toys market has maintained healthy levels and growth, which I think is further testament to both the products resourcefulness of our industry.”

“interestingly, during lockdown I read that Business Insider had reported that online consumer demand for sex toys in the UK increased more than two-fold and demand for toys peaked during the lockdown as sales rose by 126% in April compared to the same period last year”

“That’s not to say of course that it’s been plain sailing and the times ahead will still bring challenge but the industry has certainly risen to the occasion, if you will excuse the pun, and long may that continue!”

“Additionally, and to complement our ranges, were launching Revive and Excite our new lube and toy wash which is available now!” “In line with customer requests, In January, we will be bringing out further colours for our couple’s wand Oriel and our A spot dual motored rabbit Regala. Customer reviews and orders for these products have been amazing, so it made sense to bring more options out to meet that demand”

“We also are launching a brand new rechargeable called Flutter Rabbit to compliment the range and as is our tradition a further addition to our award- winning bullets which is a perfect option for the SWB market.”

“February will see a further 6 brand new re-chargable products, closely followed by a further 6 in July that offer some really different and ground-breaking options to both the male and female market and myself and team are really looking forward to presenting them”

Posted By Jordan Barber

On the 18th of September 2019 a sealed consignment of Adult Pleasure products bound for Rocks-Off’s warehouse in Kettering, Northamptonshire was stolen from the roadside. The incident happened on Wednesday, September 18, between 1am and 6.30am, in the lay-by between the A14 and Broughton village, and involved a lorry travelling from Felixstowe to Kettering in order to deliver its load to Rocks-Off Ltd, a business based in Cunliffe Drive.

Gary Elliott Director says

“We have been shipping and manufacturing products for over 18 years and never have we ever experienced a theft of this kind in our trading history”

“We ship to customers all over the world and our brand is well known. Some of the products were bound for the USA and the packing is bespoke to our customer so clearly these products can be identified if they were to become available or offered in the UK”

“Clearly we still have our obligations to meet our customers’ orders and requirements, so we have had to go back into production and advise our customers of the situation”

“All of our customers have been extremely supportive in what has been a very difficult situation”

Northamptonshire police have been involved with the situation and have also released a statement on social media asking for witnesses or anyone with information to contact Northamptonshire Police on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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