It’s Time to Connect with Your Inner P

With Movember literally upon us there has never been a better time to dig deep and develop that special one to one relationship with your Prostate. Clearly there is a very serious side to looking after yourself, learning about prostate health and also not being afraid to get checked out straight away if you’re worried about anything….

But what about the pleasure side of things…yep that’s right the Prostate offers an orgasmic P Spot playground that’s just waiting for you to take the plunge. Whether you’re a prostate master or first time enthusiast, when the P spot or P zone is correctly stimulated it has the capacity to take your orgasm literally to the next level and in turn, making sex even better for both you and your lover ! Using a prostate massager for the first time shouldn’t be intimidating and the end game in all of this is to make sure you have the best enjoyment and full on experience so it’s really important to take your time and get the right product that’s going to suit you.

Prostate Massagers

So, here’s our top ten P spot pleasure tips for getting your Rocks Off

• If your new to the art of P spot stimulation, try something with a shaft that’s about the size of finger. Remember big isn’t always best!

• Make sure to relax.

• Use a good lubricant, the anus does not lubricate naturally, so you’ll need a little help to ease things in. Water based lubes are best

• Spice up the foreplay! if this is your first time spend some time getting ready. Switch on the vibes and tease the anus with the tip of your toy before you start to insert the shaft

• You’ve got the power! start low and work up to high

• Get the shape that’s right for you, most prostate massagers are designed to ergonomically fit, find the P spot and stimulate the taint. So, once you’ve broken your duck (so to speak) you can then experiment with girth and shape.

• Remote in …. now here’s the fun part by choosing rechargeable product with a remote control you really can decide your pleasure ride…

• Always choose a product that is body safe, so look at the materials it is made from. Remember this product will be getting up close and personal with your prostate

• And finally, folks, for obvious reasons, make sure your prostate pleaser is always cleaned to perfection after every use.

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