Reasons to be Thankful...

So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and 2020 being the year of biblical proportions in terms of doom and gloom, it’s a great time to really reflect on what makes us thankful. Whether it’s a walk in the park, drawing in all the colours from the changing seasons deep into our souls , a great movie snuggled in your favourite old sweater and pants with a big tub of ice cream or a good romp in the sack with your nearest and maybe not so dearest…. there’s a whole lotta sexy stuff to be thankful for.

For those of us that remember the smokie tones of Ian Dury way back in the early days of Punk advising us “ Why don’t you get back into bed” …made me think actually, that’s pretty good advice and not just because it’s winter!

There's a really good reason why people tend to be less inhibited in the lead up to and during hot sex, that’s because the adulting part of your brain which is in charge logical reasoning (you know it, the annoying grown up side with voice of your maths teacher nagging you not forget to turn off the lights, or run out of coffee and get cat litter) temporarily goes on vacation…. (thank goodness)

When you orgasm your brain stops “adulting” and instead releases a surge of dopamine known to boost your feel good factor in all sorts of ways, so let’s look at 5 ways to hit that feel good sweet spot to make us all feel really, really, thankful…..

1. Give yourself time to get really turned on, slow things down and then hot it by trying some new and different positions. Why not include the couple’s wand Oriel to reach climax together.


2. A hot shower isn't just for getting clean, it’s also for getting down and dirty. Either you’re with a partner or enjoying your own space, treat yourself to some well-deserved appreciation with the 10-function and super powerful Chiaimo … you won’t be disappointed.


3. Whether you’re giving the reins to your partner or just flicking though the vibrations on your remote as you’re about to reach the peak, remote controlled sex toys are the perfect pleasure ride. In fact, so much so, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one once you tried them out. Give Mimosa a try…


4. Use lube and lots of it! Really people, sex can be so, so, so much more slip and sensually dirty slide. So why not pour Rocks Off Excite on you and your partners passion sweet spots and re-apply over and over again. Remember, it only feels kinky the first time.

Lube & Cleaner

And last but certainly not least, treat your man to Xerus from the Man-X range, the rechargeable vibrating cock ring. Your partner will enjoy tingling vibration on his shaft while you get bonus of stimulation with each of his thrusts. It’s a real win win…


So, reasons to be thankful……. hell yeah!

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