Enhance the UK have been kind enough to review the Ruby Glow! Check out the review below!

'As a wheelchair user, I'd say a good 80% of my sexual encounters involve me lying on my back. Whilst this is beneficial for those sleepy nights or hungover mornings, sometimes I do wish I could feel a bit sexier and get off in other positions. After discovering the Ruby Glow, a vibrator designed to be used in the seated position, I now absolutely can.'

'The first thing to say about this toy is it looks and feels great. Available in red or plum and with velvety soft and body safe silicone, it's undoubtedly aimed at those who enjoy that luxurious boudoir feel, and with good reason.'

'The Ruby Glow is a non-penetrative toy housing two independent motors for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and there's 10 very different settings to try, so you can really find a speed and rhythm that best suits you. The idea behind the Ruby Glow is to enable those who work from home, enjoy writing erotica, or have mobility issues to enjoy a hands-free ride whilst seated. It can even be used through clothing, making it a toy that doesn't hamper productivity either!'

'Although it took me a little while to get seated comfortably and ensure that my body fit in line with the curves of the toy, it took no time and all to appreciate this unique and innovative product. I was able to rock back and forth or sway side to side whilst seated, allowing the silicone to ever so slightly drag on my skin and create that grinding sensation. The hands-free aspect was also amazing; for once I wasn't in such a rush to get on with my day and could allow the pleasure to build over time.'

'I'd definitely be recommending the Ruby Glow to my wheelchair-using friends...and those who want to add a little fun to working from home!'

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