Rocks-Off just launched a line of new products, with Enigma standing out due to its unique shape. Could you tell our readers more about the design of this product and how it improves the experience of using the product?

Enigma is a rechargeable rabbit for the discerning and experienced user, in other words for a woman who knows exactly what she wants and understands exactly how to fulfil her individual passion needs. Enigma is powered by two strong and very powerful independent motors. The ergonomic handle and flexible shaft allowing the user to shift the satisfaction angle to suit their own intimate preferences against the G and C spots.

How did the idea for Enigma originate, and how does it fit in with your product range? Is Enigma complementing part of your collection, or is it filling a gap in the range?

Rocks Off design and manufacture our products in house and we felt there was a gap in the market for a rabbit that offered something a little different both in how it functioned and was controlled. The controls sit on the top of the handle giving ease of access to up change and execute the perfect blended orgasm. The handle also detaches for discrete charge and gives 3 hours of pleasure once fully charged. Enigma is part of the Fuzion range of products and we will be adding further female options in the future.

Would you mind giving us more information about the materials and the features of the product?

Enigma is made from body safe sensory velvet touch silicone, so the experience is one of luxury from the moment you open the presentation hard box, taking the product out to then enjoying the sensual experience. Detailed and perfectly balanced to sit in your hand, Enigma's unique ergonomic design gives you total control.

Is Enigma primarily geared towards women who already have experience with sex toys?

Absolutely as we said earlier this is a product for the more experienced female who is comfortable in using larger, powerful products and know's exactly where her satisfaction trigger points are and how get the ultimate results. As we have said it's designed for the fearless woman.

Scarlet Velvet, Rouge Allure, Red Alert, and Crimson Kiss are new bullets, all of them red. What else do these products have in common, and what sets them apart?

This is a stunning collection! deep reds with seductive velvet touch and sleek enamel style finishes that just ooze sensual appeal. The packaging is also really an important part of this range as they been cleverly packaged in giftable format, so they are the prefect present. Although the Truly Yours range is the obvious match for the Xmas and Valentines markets they are also perfect for anytime. Seriously, who wouldn't love to have one? With 3 sizes in the collection it's hard to choose which to go for but the RO 90's are perfect purse sizes whilst the 120 and 160 sizes are definitely bedroom pleasers so why not have one of each...

Aura, Ro-Mona, Coco, and Tiffany are also bullet vibrators, but they are more striking, more luxurious. Please, introduce our readers to these products. What are their unique qualities?

As their names suggest Co Co and Tiffany are elegant vibrators styled with more than just a hint of haute couture giving them and instant and classical look and appeal. Both products have been treated with the Rocks Off signature finishes of Rose Blush Gold and Turquoise Silver with subtle colour accents to perfectly finish them.

Aura is a couple's product and as with Co Co and Tiffany styled to be un intimidating but seriously effective. Aura's streamlined presentation and elongated tip makes it the perfect clitoral and erogenous zone stimulator and a similar product we produced sold 350,000 so that speaks for itself.

Bullet vibrators are classics of the adult market, which also means that there are tons of them on the store shelves. How does Rocks-Off manage to put a new spin on these classics time and again?

We look at the markets outside of the industry and study colours finishes and what will be trending across numerous markets and then make our decisions. We believe that sensual products are extensions of our life- styles so they should fit with what is appealing to us currently in how they are presenting, and this includes how they are packaged. Our Art Director is second to none and his ability to present the products to give main stream appeal is stunning. Our Touch of Velvet range is visually amazing and continues to sell out and we believe that the colours, finishes and presentation is tantamount to its success. You see them, touch them and fall in love, it's all about appealing to the senses.

Kama boasts a sleek, discreet design and intuitive features. Who is the target audience for this vibrator? What market are you aiming for?

Kama is aimed at SWB and sexual wellness markets as its discreet design is a perfect fit for women who have personal issues maybe after child birth or other personal health factors that that have affected their sex lives. For us the product had to be visually appealing as its meant to stimulate and to encourage use. Again, this also applies to the packaging which has a cosmetic presentation this is also to help women feel feminine, sensual and less clinical about using the product therefore encouraging them and their partner to engage and enjoy their pleasure times again.

Toys for beginners, toys for the mainstream market, toys for sexual health and sexual wellness. Do you plan on expanding the Rocks-Off range in these categories?

We are always adding to our ranges and as we've mentioned earlier presentation is paramount to making products a comfortable purchase outside of the industry both for the markets and the end users. We have anew range of female products that are launching at ERofame along with others, and the colourways and a packing are beautiful. The products are very elegant but super powerful and very sensory engaging. We know these are going to be very well received by the market and the destination user. In fact, Rocks Off feel confident in saying that everywoman will fall in love with them.

What do these 'new' markets and audiences expect from intimate toys?

Women and men lead busy lives, have careers, are parents, have responsibilities all of which can leave little down time for everyday needs let alone shared intimacy. The careful introduction of discrete products can assist couples to explore and engage in sensory and emotional connections which in turn aid and maintain healthy relationships. Culturally men and women are becoming less intimated by relationship enhancing products so it's up to us as the true innovators within the industry to bring products to market that can fit in with their needs and expectations to encourage and thus helping them to accept them as part of the norm. Most women and men are happy to discuss their needs to enhance their relationships but there has to be a disconnect from "the old school" presentations for this to be a natural progression for both the new markets and end users.