Enhance the UK have been kind enough to review the Everygirl! Check out the review below!

'Every girl should have an Everygirl! Since I got mine roughly a month ago I've told multiple friends about it and have used it about 3000 times! It's AMAZING. I always struggled to find a toy that suited me and it's something that I've never been super into because of that.'

'As a wheelchair user I have always found that toys weren't inclusive and that when mainstream companies thought about sex toys, they didn't instantly think...disability! Rocks-Off are probably the first mainstream company that I've come across that have thought about disability when designing toys.'

'For me, the Everygirl is flexible allowing angles that some other toys couldn't manage. The buttons are also really easy to operate and it doesn't take much dexterity which is handy, especially when you want to switch through the modes pretty quickly. I've also found that it's easy for me to use sitting up or lying down which for me is amazing as it's often hard to use toys lying down as I don't have the reach and I can't sit myself up at all once I'm fully lying back. The silicone is also really soft, and it feels weird to say this but the toy is comfortable! It feels like a part of you rather than something that is just a bit invasive! The Everygirl has definitely become my go to and has shown me that there is a toy designed to suit me. Which is amazing!'

'It's hard sometimes for disabled people to express themselves sexually, and we are often missed out of the conversation entirely. This toy not only makes it easy to express myself but it also makes it highly enjoyable. I'm so thankful for the Everygirl and I will continue to talk about it, maybe sometimes some what inappropriately to all of my friends... and pretty much everyone I meet!'

Enhance the UK