With the clocks going back an hour on October the 25th and the dark nights now firmly drawing in, we wanted to take a little time to think about what this could offer….and guess what it wasn’t all bad!

Winter days and even colder nights generally mean bad weather with crisp frosts, rain, biting wind, wet feet, bad hair and annoying inside out umbrellas, you name it… but what about the plus side? For certain, when given the opportunity, there’s always wonderful and inventive ways to spice up those long winter evenings with your favourite squeeze. Whether it’s in the bedroom or in front of a roaring fire, there’s still the joy of deciding which of your pleasure gadgets you’re going to use to add to the flavour! With all of that in mind, we’ve decided to come up with our own “to do me” list with some of our favourite Rocks off products to help you take full advantage.

• Make sure you’ve charged up your favourite rabbit, so it’s topped up and ready to go. All ladies love a friend with ears and Every girl’s and Regala’s dual motors will be fired up in one hour to spoil you with 3 hours of pleasure


• Hand over control! how about spicing up the play by letting your partner take full control to decide the pleasure with the super powerful prostate massagers Index or Varex.

Index & Varex

• Maybe try some first- time anal play with petite sensations plug, pearl, bubbles, or teaser to bring some rosie glow to your winter cheeks

• If you’re on your own, missing your lover or just maybe watching naughty movie or zooming with a naughty long-distance love roomie how about enjoying the bump and grind of Ruby Glow as you sit astride and enjoy the ride while they watch…mmm.

Ruby Glow

• And because we all deserve a naughty slide, lube up with Rocks off Excite to enhance the pleasure

• When the fun is finally done don’t forget to use Rocks Off Revive on your toys so your clean, mean, and ready for the next early night get go.

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