Finding your G-Spot can be difficult, the best way to find it is on your own first so when another person is in the bedroom you can direct them to the right place.

Use your hands

Using your hands to explore can be helpful because you can feel for texture and distance a lot easier. For most women, the G-spot can be located on the front wall of the vagina roughly halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. You can tell when you found it because the surface will be rough and you will suddenly feel intense pleasure.

Introducing toys

There are so many toys out there that are specifically made to hit that magic little spot. So, if you can't quite reach it yourself or you want some more sensation from vibrating toys you have a wide range to choose from. When you think you've found the right spot you can gently (or roughly) move the toy of choice back and forth.

With your partner

Now that you have found your g-spot and you know what sensations to look for, you can add another player. If you love missionary you can prop your hips up with a pillow so your partner can hit just the right spot. Most men have a slight curve to their shaft so try and find the best position to take advantage of that bend to drive you both crazy. A very popular position for hitting the g-spot is the classic doggy, this position also gives better access to your clitoris so you can experience the mixed orgasm.