The latest launches from Rocks-Off

We’ve launched further additions to the very successful Touch of Velvet range which are visually stunning and replicate colours that will be trending both in the mainstream and on the catwalks in 2019.

Touch of Velvet has been an extremely popular range for our customers cross continent and the new additions, together with the amazing packing, will only mean that the range will continue to be a strong inventory must have.

New Touch of Velvet

Sweet Seduction - *New* Touch of Velvet

Feel the enchantment that Touch of Velvet’s smooth vibrations deliver, whilst it’s precision points tenderly tease and ignite your sweet spots allowing you to feel your orgasm blossom and grow again and again.

Available in Aqua Lily, Rose Blush, Soft Lilac, *New* Peach Blossom, *New* Sunflower Summer & *New* Peacock Petals

• Precision stimulation
• 10 functions
• 100% waterproof
• Body safe
• 1 x AAA battery (included)

New Cosmic Delight

To infinity... and beyond! - *New* Cosmic Delights

As well as Touch of Velvet, we’ve showcased a brand-new RO 90 10 function 3 bullet range called Cosmic Delights with finishes that we believe are a first to market. Our talented Art Director, Paul Collins, has ensured they are absolute visual showstoppers from packaging right through to each product!

Lose yourself in space and time as you indulge yourself in divine celestial pleasure. Float effortlessly on clouds of passion with each powerful earth-shattering vibration as you are launched head over heels into stratospheric orgasm. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to some heavenly delight !

Available in holographic Ultra, Spectra & Electra

• Precision stimulation
• RO 90 10 functions
• 100% waterproof
• Body safe
• 1 x AAA battery (included)

Ibex Kit

Feel the Twist and Grip - *New* IBEX Kit

Lovers of the Men-x range are also treated to the new sensory 2 item pleasure kit IBEX. The kit consists of a vibrating Butt plug and C ring both of which have 10 functions.

Each strong masculine curve and sensory nodule has been designed and applied to the velvet touch silicone to deliver maximum effect on insertion and whilst in duo use. We believe this kit is a perfect addition to the Men-x range which will also see some further exciting and very powerful products later in 2019!

Feel the power of the beast as Ibex leaps into action. Each strong masculine curve and sensory nodule has been applied to the butt plug and C ring to deliver maximum effect on insertion and for duo use.

Ibex’s flange and tapered neck holds the plug firmly in place whilst the strong firm vibrating C ring grips you tightly. Ibex’s C ring and plug both have 10 powerful vibrations to drive you to the peak of orgasmic explosion and beyond.

Use together to experience the pinnacle of pleasure for you and your partner.

• 2 products for single or duo use
• 10 powerful functions
• Sensory touch body safe silicone
• Pleasure nodules
• 100% waterproof
• 120 mm of insertable plug length
• Flared plug base for safe play
• Ergonomically designed sensory textured vibrating C ring
• Firm strong grip
• Removable RO 90 and RO 60 bullets.