Celebrate in style, its international Women’s Day.

If you're looking for amazing way to celebrate this year, why not turn up the heat and celebrate international women’s day with an all-empowering blow your socks off sex toy. After all It’s not all that long ago that women weren’t allowed to vote, and sexual satisfaction was severely frowned upon!

Times have thankfully changed and women are celebrated for all of their achievements and gone are the days that ladies had to retreat to the parlour whilst their men drank port and smoked cigars!

Now women take full control of their, lives, careers and above all their right to their own brand of preferred sexuality, which is only right and proper particularly as women can experience orgasms up to 2 minutes long. Not that we want to point score, that would be rude, but put against the average 10 seconds that the average male orgasm lasts for, our 2 minutes of multiple orgasm heaven is something to be proud of and celebrate, don’t you think!

So, whether you are showing yourself some well- deserved self -love or getting down with your favourite male or female bedfellow for this International Women’s Day, remember get raunchy, get wild and live proud because things can definitely only get even better... So, give it your all and above all else enjoy ladies!

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