Start your adventure
Sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your relationship and make your bond that much stronger, well, what couple doesn’t crave even more enjoyable sex!? If you have little or no experience in toys these toys are perfect places to start or branch out as you can use sex toys in all kind of ways and explore yours or your partners bodies. Now, let’s get it on…

Most women find it easier to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation than any other kind, which is why the vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys. Chaiamo is a great place to start, its crafted to perfection and delivers astonishing orgasms time and time again. Use it internally or externally, alone or with your partners. Get your erogenous zones tingling.

• 10 highly powerful vibration and pulsation levels
• Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone
• Tapered tip for precision stimulation
• 100 % fully waterproof

Explore new horizons
These beauties are probably the best introduction to anal sex toys due to their ease of use, sizing and unintimidating appearance. You can easily stimulate this special area and experience incredible full body orgasms.

Sleek and slimline design is a great place to start if its your first time...

• Velvet soft, ultra-smooth body-safe silicone
• Targeted vibrations
• 100% waterproof
• 7 functions

With both prostate and perineum massage paired to pleasure your multiple stimulation points.

• Powered by the award winning 7 speed RO-80mm Bullet
• Designed with comfort and pleasure in mind
• Made with soft flexible body safe silicone
• 100% waterproof

Rudy Rings
Couples can enjoy cock rings together, but they're also great for single men. Wearing a cock ring on the base of your penis firms up your erection, making it last longer and adding new sensation to the mix. Can be used together for extra support or you can tear and share with a partner. So, come together or enjoy some me time, either way you’ll enjoy it.

• Extra Support
• Extra Comfort

Come closer together and both feel the multi-way cock, ball, and clitoral stimulator vibrating through your body. Explore, tease and enjoy each other all night long. Remix delivers double the vibration to tantalise, satisfy both you and your partner. It’s versatile design allows it to be turned around for different kinds of play. Fancy some foreplay? Why not pleasure you and your partner with its two removable bullets with 7 quivering settings.

• Powered by 2x RO-60 bullets
• 7 pleasure functions per bullet
• 100% waterproof

Once you get over the initial fear of anal play and realise that the whole area is rich in nerve endings that just love to be teased and stimulated, you'll never look back. Index is a powerful prostate stimulator that delivers maximum satisfaction, you’ll feel vibrations like you’ve never felt before. It’s unintimidating and with its handy remote, you or your partner can decide the pace.

• 3-hour charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure
• Flared stimulation base for safe play
• 100% waterproof P spot stimulator
• Sensory touch body safe silicone
• Wired remote for ultimate control
• Single or couples play
• 10 powerful functions
• Magnetic charge
• Wired control

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