Happy Valentines Rocks-Off Fans! Tonight, is the night to let the romance takeover. But it’s not all about romance... sometimes it’s good to spice things up! Try at least one of these tonight and you’ll be swooning for each other!

Sex toys
You could each buy a sex toy you’re interested to use, see what kind of present you each come home to. Remote-control toys like Lust Link Ball & Chain could be fun if you have an evening out planned. Sitting at dinner and you or partner is controlling the others climax, is there anything that’s more of a turn on? Once you’re home you could come together and explore IBEX or Dr Rocco's Poseidon to take the passion late into the night.

Rocks-Off make things more affordable this Valentines will an exclusive 25% off using code: CUPID25

Take a chance
Both write 10 things you would like to do, be it your partner to you, or you to your partner and pull it out like a raffle. Guaranteed to allow you to explore each other like never before.

Get messy
Food. Lubricant. Baby oil. Edible underwear, whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries. The possibilities are endless. Put them on your partners most intimate of places, and seductively lick them off in slow and fast paces, Goosebumps will be imminent.

Get some massage or baby oil out, and don’t be afraid to explore each other’s bodies. Use your fingers to find erogenous zones and build up the tension. If you are the shy, quiet type this is a lovely way of connecting without having to feel under pressure.