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During the pandemic we are keeping visits to our offices to the absolute minimum. This is to ensure both the safety of our staff and customers.

On the occasion where meetings must take place you will be asked to follow our procedures. When arriving at our offices the front door will be locked. Please ring the doorbell and wait to be invited into the reception area.

Please adhere to our social distancing requirement of 2 Metres.

When you arrive in the reception make sure to use the sanitizer provided and supply your visitor information to reception. Your information will be entered into our visitors’ book together with your arrival and departure time. You will also be asked to supply us with a contact telephone number.

All our shared areas and meeting rooms have hand sanitising products, please use them. We are also happy to supply face coverings if you do not have one with you. We are also able to supply one time use pens and stationery.



• If you are feeling unwell or think you may have been in contact with someone with any of the Covid-19 symptoms, do not attend our premises.

• If you have any doubts or concerns meetings can also be held by conference call and video conferencing.

• If our staff suspect you have any Covid-19 symptoms you will be asked to leave our premises immediately.

• To maintain a Covid-19 secure environment we are not providing drinks or refreshments in our meeting rooms.

• If you use our rest rooms pleasure ensure you follow the printed guidelines and always wash your hands for 20 seconds.

• Please adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines for being Covid-19 secure.

• You will be advised of our office guidance in respect of entrance and exit routes and the maximum of attendees allowed in our meeting rooms and reception areas.

Thank you for supporting our guidelines for a Covid-19 secure workplace. If you have any concerns, or questions please raise them with the person you are meeting.