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Be led astray with our Bad-Boy, a large vibrating prostate massager for those experienced with anal play. Feel dual stimulation as its contours fill your passage, and soft nubs massage your perineum, resulting in an overwhelming pleasure experience. What's more, a hands-free design lets you touch yourself or a partner to give and receive even greater stimulation.

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Le Bad Boy est basé sur les fameux Rude Boy et Cheeky Boy que tout le monde connaît, mais avec une combinaison de ce qu’il y a de mieux dans les deux, pour vous donner un plaisir explosif dont vous ne vous lasserez jamais. La taille plus grande du Bad Boy, et l’ajout de plus de contours, vous assurera une intense stimulation et excitation lorsque vous l’insérez ou l’enlevez.

Basierend auf dem weltberühmten Rude-Boy und Cheeky-Boy verfügt diese Version über die besten Attribute der beiden für explosiven, erotischen Genuss, von dem Sie nicht genug bekommen werden. Der größere Umfang von Bad-Boy zusammen mit zusätzlichen Konturen stellt sicher, dass Sie intensive Stimulierung und erotische Erregung erfahren – jedes Mal, wenn er entfernt oder eingeführt wird.

 Questo stimolatore Bad-Boy si basa sugli ormai famosi Rude-Boy (Ragazzo Duro) e Cheeky-Boy (Ragazzo Sfrontato) ma questa volta abbiamo messo insieme il meglio dei due stimolatori per darti un godimento esplosivo che ti renderà insaziabile. La cinghia più grande del Bad Boy assieme ai profili aggiunti ti assicurano una stimolazione più intensa e più eccitamento nel momento della rimozione o dell’inserimento. 

Basado en los mundialmente famosos Rude Boy y Cheeky Boy, pero esta vez combinando lo mejor de ambos para ofrecerte una explosiva sorpresa que te dejará deseando más y más. La mayor circunferencia del Bad Boy junto con los contornos extra añadidos te garantizan una estimulación y una excitación más intensas cada vez que lo saques o introduzcas. 

Папа этого шалуна – знаменитый Rude-Boy. Вот только Bad-Boy перерос папашу. Его ствол значительно толще, и к тому же рифленый, что придает каждому движению плохого парнишки непередаваемую сладость. Потрясающий анальный стимулятор для «продвинутых пользователей».

Materials: Platinum body safe silicone, metallic plated ABS
Dimensions: 110mm x 125mm x 40mm
Power: RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator
Battery: 1 x 1.5 volt N-size / LR1 (Included)
Packaged: Individually boxed, 60 per case
Battery for Bad-Boy
-30% off
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included7-Speed

Based on the shape of the iconic Rude-Boy, Bad-Boy includes bulging contours to satisfy those looking for tight firm and filling sensations, especially whenever it is removed or inserted. Measuring 5.5 inches in Insertable length and 5 inches in girth, it is perfect for those who've tried medium sized toys.

By combining an ergonomic curved shape and angled head designed to touch your sensitive prostate, it's filling shape and soft nubs that simultaneously massage your perineum, you can enjoy a multi-sensual experience that takes you to new heights of satisfaction. Each touch of the massager is velvety soft on your skin due to its smooth high-quality silicone.

7 exhilarating functions send waves of vibration to every tip. Specially designed for a 'sit and rock' position that lets you go hands-free, you can find the setting to take you all the way from a single-touch button on its base. Choose from 3 constant speeds and 4 vibration patterns, delivered by the award-winning RO-80mm bullet. This can be removed to give yourself intense pleasure on other erogenous zones, and makes the toy easy to clean.

Quiet vibrations make it ideal for those living in a houseshare, with their parents or you want a vibrating toy that blends into your play time.

What's more, you are free to enjoy Bad-Boy in the bath or shower thanks to a completely waterproof design.

For strong, fulfilling sensations and to touch multiple hot spots with a single toy that makes you feel very very good to be bad, choose the Bad-Boy large vibrating prostate massager.

  • Bulging contours for a firm, full fit
  • Combines prostate and perineum stimulation
  • Ergonomic curved shape and angled head
  • Play 'hands-free' with its sit & rock design
  • Body-safe silicone is velvety soft on your skin
  • One-touch on/off button
  • 3 speeds and 4 patterns
  • Completely waterproof and submersible
  • Batteries included