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Ruby Glow

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When you try the Ruby Glow dual-action vibrator and intimate massager, you will understand what makes it an exhilarating hands-free ride. It is a saddle-style, non-penetrative clitoral vibrator which can be used even when fully clothed. Shopping online, working from home, and reading erotica are re-imagined when riding the Ruby Glow.

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10 Settings

The Ruby Glow dual-action vibrator and intimate massager is designed to sit firmly against your clitoris, pubic bone and vagina at the same time, which can provide mesmerizing stimulation. The Ruby Glow intimate massager is ideal for anyone who works from home, or has mobility issues.

Dual-action vibrations are controlled by buttons at the front for easy access, putting you in control of your orgasm. There are 10 speeds and pulsations for each motor which offer a multitude of scintillating combinations for you to experience.

The Ruby Glow dual-action vibrator is made from firm yet velvety silicone, which has little drag on your skin so you can rock forwards and backwards, or grind into it with pleasure.

You can use it while fully clothed, or on bare skin due to its platinum body-safe silicone design. Ruby Glow can aid fantasies of, and help simulate grinding on a partner whilst you sit over it with your hands free.

Let the potent sensual rhythms of our Ruby Glow dual-action vibrator and intimate massager be your guide as you feel your body respond to its powerful dual heartbeats, seductively taking you to your ultimate hands free orgasm.

  • Dual-action vibrations
  • Clitoral and vaginal stimulation
  • 10 powerful functions
  • Velvet soft, body-safe silicone
  • Splash-proof