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Feranti Caress Me

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Our Feranti Caress Me intimate massager gifts yourself and a partner with soft touches that rouse shimmering feelings of pleasure. You have found the perfect sexy gift to lure your partner with the promise of sensational full body massage that tips you over into heart-pounding pleasure.

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Relax your aching bodies with some sensual massage. Our Feranti Caress Me gift set gives you two intimate massagers to rouse and unwind you with lip-bitingly good sensations.


Body Star illuminates your senses with 5 pulsating functions. A soft-touch base makes every tantalizing stroke a pure delight to satisfy your most urgent desires.


For a massager that also targets your erogenous zones, Luv has a soft silicone tapered tip to delve vibrations to where you long for them most. An ergonomic handle helps you guide its 5 vibrating functions across your body.

  • Both items have 5 satisfying settings
  • Batteries are included
  • Made of ABS plastic and soft body-safe silicone
  • Luv is completely waterproof