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RO-120mm Wings of Desire

ro120-wings-of-desire | Rocks-Off Ltd
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ro120-wings-of-desire | Rocks-Off Ltd
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Fly your pleasure to the stars with our RO-120mm Wings of Desire tattoo bullet vibrator. Caress, stroke deeper, and reach more of your intimate areas with its added length and girth. 10 powerful functions shoot heart-stopping satisfaction from every curve of its smooth and glistening body.

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Materials: Printed / Metallic plated ABS
Dimensions: 124mm x 25mm
Battery: 2 x 1.5 volt AAA size (Included)
Battery for RO-120mm Wings of Desire
(SKU: 10RO120WD)
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included10-Speed

Stimulate your clitoris with its precision tip, massage your outer walls, or even lie back with a pillow and take the plunge for leg-trembling climaxes.

Ideal for beginners and couples who want their bedroom play to soar, this vibrating bullet has 10 functions to take you to the sky and back, time and time again. Choose from 3 constant speeds and 7 vibration patterns that you can control with a single, easy-to-use button for instant lift-off.

It is discreet enough to slip into a handbag. What's more, butterflies and stars collide in a unique artwork design by famous tattooist, Lal Hardy, making you feel like a true original. What's more, the chrome bullet shoots light off its sleek body to make the design even more seductive to behold.

Order your RO-120MM Wings of Desire tattoo bullet vibrator and fly to new heights of ecstasy.

  • Butterflies and stars tattoo design by Lal Hardy
  • 3 constant speeds and 7 soaring vibration patterns
  • Target your clitoris with a tapered tip
  • Massage your outer walls with smooth girth
  • Smooth and glistening golden chrome casing
  • One touch button makes it easy to cycle through the settings
  • Bath, shower and hot-tub ready 100% waterproof design