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Launch a targeted, full-on pleasure attack with our Missile black silicone anal vibrator.

10 settings blast vibrations deep to where you crave them most through a high-quality silicone sleeve that makes every dip and thrust a sensual thrill.

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Ce jouet de la gamme « Buddies » est un concentré de puissance pour le brave ! Ce « Buddy » est grand, puissant et parfait pour une attaque en règle, jusqu’à l’extase !
La forme mince et lisse du « Missile » vous promet un va-et-vient intense, et une satisfaction orgasmique complète et absolue à chaque utilisation!

Eine wahre Rakete für die ganz Mutigen und Teil der Buddies-Reihe! Dieser Buddy ist groß, kraftvoll und genau richtig für einen gezielten, kompromisslosen Ekstase-Angriff! Die schlanke, glatte Silhouette des Missile stellt sicher, dass Sie einen intensiven Eintritt und Wiedereintritt in die Atmosphäre erleben, zusammen mit unglaublicher orgastischer Befriedigung bei jeder Verwendung!

Parte della gamma degli Amici, si tratta di un giocattolo a piena potenza per i più coraggiosi! Questo Amico è grande, potente e della misura perfetta per un sferrare un attacco mirato che ti manda in estasi! Essendo liscio e lucido il Missile garantisce un inserimento ripetuto intenso assieme ad un orgasmo completo ed assoluto ogniqualvolta lo userai!

Componente de la gama Buddies: ¡una potente arma para los valientes! Este soldado del amor es grande, potente y el arma perfecta para dar de lleno en el blanco frente a un ataque de éxtasis. La elegante y suave forma de Missile garantiza intensas acometidas junto con una completa y absoluta satisfacción orgásmica cada vez que lo uses.

Весьма впечатляющий снаряд в боезапасе Rocks off, предназначенный для самых бравых солдат! Крупный, мощный, он всегда готов поразить цель и вызвать сильнейший взрыв экстаза! Всякий раз, как этот гладкий, обтекаемый снаряд будет заходить на цель, вас ожидает море потрясающих ощущений!

Materials: Platinum body safe silicone, metallic plated ABS
Dimensions: 152mm x 37mm x 37mm
Power: RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator
Battery: 2 x 1.5 Volt AAA size (Included)
Packaged: Individually boxed., 60 per case
Battery for Missile
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included10-Speed

A soft tapered tip eases insertion before gradually widening so you can embrace its full 5 inch circumference and 4 ½ inches of Insertable length to their full potential.

Each thrust or gentle entry and re-entry of Missile is an ecstatic experience due to its velvety soft finish and smooth shaft. The sleeve is made of high-quality, body-safe silicone for your peace of mind and easy cleaning.

10 functions offer an incredible countdown to satisfaction. A one-touch button on the base gives you control of 3 constant speeds and 7 pulsing vibration patterns, helping you discover your perfect combination of settings.

Missile becomes an orgasmic torpedo thanks to a completely waterproof and fully submersible design that you can enjoy in the bath or shower.

What's more, you get 2 toys in 1. Remove the RO-120mm bullet vibrator to focus its tapered tip and smooth body on your or a partner's most intimate areas.

To put your understanding of satisfaction into orbit, choose our Missile black silicone anal vibrator.

  • Soft rounded tip for easier insertion
  • 5-inch circumference for filling sensations
  • Velvety smooth silicone is soft to the touch
  • 10 functions include 3 constant speeds and 7 pulsing patterns
  • Powered by the RO-120mm vibrating bullet
  • Removeable bullet
  • Easy to clean
  • One touch button on the base
  • Completely waterproof and fully submersible
  • Batteries included (x2 AAAs)