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Our RO-Zen double cock ring and vibrating butt plug is built for your ultimate satisfaction. Combine the stimulation of 4 erogenous zones with this penis, balls, prostate and perineum massager. It is ideal for use during play with a partner, or on your own, and is made of smooth and stretchy high-quality silicone to fit almost any size.

Sold as a novelty only, no medical claims are warranted or implied with the use of this product.

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L’anneau double et serré du RO-ZEN vous aide en vous donnant une érection plus forte, plus dure et plus longtemps pendant que sa hampe mince et discrète vous procure des frissons délicieux et vous porte à des niveaux de plaisir érotique jamais atteints auparavant.

Der starke, enge Doppelring des RO-ZEN unterstützt und umfasst fest Ihren Penis für größere, härtere und längere Erektionen. Sein schmaler, diskreter Schaft sendet Wellen lustvoller Vibrationen, während Sie ultimativen erotischen Genuss erleben.

Il doppio anello dello RO-ZEN ti stringe forte, ti supporta e ti sostiene permettendoti di avere un’erezione più grande, forte e lunga mentre dal vibratore sottile e discreto ti arrivano delle deliziose onde vibranti proprio mentre raggiungi lo stato erotico di piacere estremo.

El anillo doble de THE ZEN se ajusta firmemente y proporciona una sujeción que te hará experimentar una mayor y más dura erección durante más tiempo, mientras que su fino y discreto mango propaga deliciosas vibraciones, al tiempo que tu alcanzas un estado erótico de placer absoluto.

Жизнь, учат нас мудрецы, это баланс между тем, что мы берем от этого мира, и тем, что мы отдаем ему. Идеальное место для достижения равновесия – спальня. Пригласите с собой вашего партнера - и учителя ДЗЕН. Позвольте ему передать вам обоим ряд экстатических практик, каждая из которых гарантирует если не просветление, то уж во всяком случае, вознесение на вершину блаженства. Жесткое двойное кольцо Учителя обеспечит более сильную и более продолжительную эрекцию, в то время как его тонкий ствол будет испускать волны трансцендентной вибрации, доводящей до первобытного экстаза всякого, кому передается эта благословенная практика.

Materials: Platinum body safe silicone, metallic plated ABS
Dimensions: 120mm x 125mm x 45mm
Power: RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator
Battery: 1 x 1.5 volt N-size / LR1 (Included)
Packaged: Individually boxed, 60 per case
Battery for RO-ZEN
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included7-Speed

Amaze up to 4 erogenous zones at once, resulting in stronger, and more fulfilling orgasms that are difficult to achieve with separate toys.

Completely flexible to suit a wide range of body shapes and sizes, the cock and ball ring helps you achieve fuller, firmer and longer-lasting erections, while tantalizing your sensitive testicles with vibration.

The butt-plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion, reaching a girth of 4 inches and has an Insertable length of 2.5 inches for filling sensations. A narrow neck sends vibrations surging to your highly sensitive nerve endings with every pulse of each strong climax.

8 delicate nodules on its soft silicone strap pass vibrations to your sensitive perineum to target your prostate externally and raise your pleasure even higher.

Power flows through every inch of the silicone from the 7-function bullet vibrator located in the butt-plug. For an already multi-functional toy, there is more - the bullet is removeable allowing you to enjoy the shape while penetrating a partner, and gives you an additional toy to target the places that fuel incredible intimacy.

A simple push button control on the base lets you explore 3 constant speeds, each rising in intensity before delivering 4 varied pulsations and bursts of vibration. The vibrations carry all the way through the butt-plug to the cock and ball ring. They are especially strong in the tip of the plug for scintillating prostate stimulation.

Even when completely underwater in a relaxing bath, the RO-Zen works to your complete satisfaction.

For a climactic experience that combines multiple erogenous zones while in the depths of thrilling intimate moments with a partner, choose the RO-Zen double cock ring and vibrating butt-plug.

  • Combine stimulation of your penis, balls, prostate and perineum
  • 8 raised nodules for perineum massage
  • Ideal for use during sex
  • Stretchy silicone design to fit almost all sizes
  • Hands-free design
  • 3 constant speeds and 4 patterns to choose from
  • Tapered tip for easier insertion
  • Completely waterproof and fully-submersible for underwater fun