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Lust Linx Ball & Chain

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Every night out is a chance for sexual discovery with Lust Linx Ball & Chain remote controlled vibrating love egg. Daring couples and singles can take their sensual adventures out anywhere they please. A small remote makes it easy to hide in your palm. Drive them wild with anticipation for its 10 powerful vibration settings - when on standby, the kegel ball is always ready to thrill.

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Je viens... oui... ahhhh ! Frissonnez et vibrez à la volonté de votre partenaire. Ball & Chain est une boule de geisha télécommandée qui permet aux couples et célibataires audacieux d’emporter leurs fantasmes où qu’ils aillent. Sa délicieuse excitation peut vous surprendre à tout moment. Ne pas savoir comment ni quand intensifie grandement le plaisir.

Jeden Moment... gleich... ja! Beben und erschauern Sie nach Belieben Ihres Partners. Ball & Chain ist ein Kegel-Ball mit Fernbedienung, mit dem kühne Paare und Singles ihre Fantasien mitnehmen können. Herrliche erregende Momente könnten jeden Moment kommen. Die Frage des Wie und Wann erhöht nur noch die Lust.

In qualsiasi momento adesso…. ecco… sì! Fremete e tremate sotto il controllo del vostro partner. Ball & Chain è una pallina di Kegel con telecomando che permette a coppie e single audaci di uscire con le loro fantasie. Un’eccitazione deliziosa potrebbe arrivare in qualsiasi momento. Il come e il quando non fanno che intensificare il piacere.

¡En cualquier momento... oh... sí! Estremécete y vibra bajo el control de tu pareja. Ball & Chain es una bola vaginal con control remoto que permite a las parejas y a los solteros osados convertir en realidad sus fantasías. Se puede sentir una deliciosa excitación en cualquier momento. El dónde y el cómo solo ensalzan el placer.

В любой момент... сейчас... в любой...да! Дрожь и трепет под контролем твоего партнера. Ball & Chain - это вагинальный шарик с дистанционным управлением, который позволяет парам и одиночкам вывести свои фантазии на прогулку. Изысканное возбуждение может охватить тебя в любой момент. А когда и как - лишь усиливает наслаждение. С радиусом дистанционного управления в 10 метров ваши свидания уже никогда не станут такими, как прежде. Поддайся предвкушению интимного удовольствия в общественных местах. 3 настройки вибрации и 7 пульсации - это мощная сила в руках твоего партнера; сила, применяемая с озорством и заставляющая молить о большем. Ball & Chain изготовлен из шелковистого гладкого силикона, а силиконовые колечки позволяет его с легкостью вытаскивать. Klinky 100% водонепроницаем, от него не убежишь ни в ванной, ни в душе, ни в бане, ни в бассейне. Доверь партнеру свое удовольствие. Отдайся своим фантазиям с Ball & Chain.

Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries IncludedUSB Rechargeable10 Settings

Whether you are at bar, restaurant or on a shopping trip, you can control your, or a partner's, satisfaction with this remote controlled vibrating love egg. Arouse them from up to 10 metres away, and feel your heart-rate rise in delight at your erotic fun and games. The small, discreet remote control places hidden power in your hands when you go out in public.

Every touch is a pleasure. Sumptuous black silicone encases the remote and ball. Its soft and sleek finish eases insertion, and makes every caress glide on your skin. Once inserted, the kegel is shaped to massage vibrations through your body and wow your g-spot with every ripple and roll.

Rouse them with the element of surprise. A standby function allows a partner to turn the egg when on when you least expect it and build exciting anticipation for its vibrations.

10 powerful settings, consisting of 3 constant speeds and 7 vibration patterns, offer couples plenty to play with, and are easily controlled by a single-touch button.

Pleasure at full power on every occasion is possible with its USB rechargeable kegel ball. An LED indicator lets them know when it is time to play. When fully charged, you can go almost all night with up to 4 hours of power.

What's more, it is 100% waterproof and fully-submersible for pool parties or a relaxing bath at home.

To find a daring new side to yourselves that will have you both grasping at each other's clothes as you stumble through the front door, try our Lust Linx Ball & Chain remote controlled vibrating love egg.

  • Made of soft, velvety smooth body-safe silicone
  • 10 powerful functions include 3 constant speeds and 7 pulsing patterns
  • Soft, body-safe silicone chain links
  • The ball has a standby mode for unexpected moments
  • USB rechargeable remote and ball with LED indicator
  • Up to 4 hours of power
  • The remote and the ball are completely waterproof
  • Can be operated from a 10-metre radius