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RO-140mm Soft Tip

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Try the RO-140mm Soft Tip bullet vibrator for a bigger bang. A soft-silicone tip has the pin-point precision to shoot sensations to the heart of your most sensitive spots, while its larger girth and length satisfy your outer walls that yearn for deep pulsating vibes. You can blast yourself to pure ecstasy with this large vibrating bullet's 7 orgasmic functions.

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Caressez-vous avec cette étonnante balle d’amour. La RO-140mm réunit la puissance d’une grande balle et la sensualité d’un bout en silicone, conçu pour trouver vos points sensibles à chaque fois et déclencher des orgasmes à répétition.

Streicheln Sie sich in sexy Ekstase mit diesem wunderbaren Love-Bullet-Vibrator. Der RO-140mm kombiniert ie Kraft eines großen Bullet-Vibrators mit der Sinnlichkeit einer Silikonspitze, die speziell entworfen wurde, um zu verführen und jedes Mal den richtigen Lustpunkt zu treffen.

Accarezzati sensualmente con questo incredibile proiettile d’amore. L’RO-140 mm combina la potenza di un proiettile di grosse dimensioni con la sensualità di una punta in silicone finemente adattata per stimolare e colpire ogni volta il tuo dolce punto di maggior passione.

Llénate de sensuales caricias con esta asombrosa bala del amor. La RO-140mm fusiona la potencia de una gran bala con la sensualidad de una punta de silicona que se ha calibrado con suma precisión para seducirte y acertar en lo más íntimo de tu pasión cada vez que la uses. 

Доведите себя до экстаза. В этом вам поможет неподражаемый RO-140mm, гармонично сочетающий мощь большого вибратора с мягкостью силиконовой головки, сформированной таким образом, чтобы доставлять вам максимальное наслаждение.
Откиньтесь назад и позвольте себе затеряться в волшебной пульсации 10 различных ритмов, каждый из которых способен довести вас до экстаза.

Materials: Chrome Plated ABS / Silicone Tip
Dimensions: 140mm x 25mm
Battery: 2 x 1.5 Volt N-size (Included)
Packaged: Individually boxed, 148 per case
Battery for RO-140mm Soft Tip
-30% off
(SKU: RO140RD)
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included7-Speed

A metallic chrome shell shimmers with dangerous style. What's more, extra length and girth help guide its explosive tip.

The long tip gives you more coverage of your clitoris and your surrounding sensitive areas. Not only this, each heart-rate raising caress of the tip is soft and smooth on your skin due to high-quality, body-safe silicone.

A single button on its base allows you to choose between its 3 constant speeds and 4 vibration patterns when you're on the edge of each explosive moment.

The bullet becomes a deadly torpedo when you take your fun to the bath or shower thanks to its 100% waterproof and fully-submersible design.

Beginners and those looking for more firepower to hit a precise target have found the bullet with their name on it in the RO-140mm Soft Tip bullet vibrator.

  • Precision clitoral stimulation from a tapered tip
  • Soft body-safe silicone tip caresses your clitoris and labia
  • 4 constant speeds and 4 vibration patterns to choose from
  • Easy operation due to a single-touch button
  • Easy-to-hold, bright metallic chrome shell
  • 100% waterproof and fully submersible for blasts in the bath
  • Available in 7 bold colours