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Get rockin' and rollin' with our Groovy Chick clitoral and g-spot vibrator.

You can intensify your orgasms by combining your passions. What's more, ride hands-free through 7 incredible settings to focus special attention on your or a partner's most sensitive areas.

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Conçues pour masser votre point G et aiguillonner votre clitoris en même temps, les lignes féminines douces du Groovy Chick suivent vos courbes intérieures, en vous laissant les mains libres pour faire ce que vous voulez avec votre partenaire, ou vous-même, tout en vous abandonnant aux vibrations puissantes du Groovy Chick.

Entwickelt, um Ihren G-Punkt zu massieren und gleichzeitig Ihre Klitoris zu stimulieren: Die weichen, femininen Linien des Groovy Chick passen sich ganz an Ihre weiblichen Kurven an und lassen Ihre Hände für andere sinnliche Berührungen frei. Die machtvollen Vibrationen des Groovy Chick können Sie alleine oder mit Ihrem Partner genießen.

Il leggendario Rock-Chick è il primo nonché il Fatto per massaggiare il punto G e stimolare contemporaneamente la clitoride, le morbide linee femminili della Ragazza da Sballo si annidano comodamente nelle sinuosità interne del tuo corpo in modo da lasciarti le mani libere per poter fare qualsiasi cosa desideri o con il partner o da sola e per arrenderti al tempo stesso alle potenti vibrazioni della Ragazza da Sballo.

Diseñado para masajear el punto G y estimular el clítoris al mismo tiempo, la suave forma femenina de Groovy Chick presiona con suavidad tus curvas interiores, lo que te deja con las manos libres para hacer lo que quieras con tu pareja o contigo misma mientras te rindes a las potentes vibraciones de Groovy Chick.

Groovy-Chick одновременно стимулирует точку G и клитор. Ее нежные женственные изгибы повторяют изгибы вашего тела, в то время как ваши руки совершенно свободны. Поддержите Groovy-Chick, которая трудится вовсю, чтобы доставить вам радость, или побалуйте партнера в то время, как внутри вас распускается горячий цветок страсти.
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Materials: Platinum body safe silicone, metallic plated ABS
Dimensions: 100mm x 125mm x 30mm
Power: RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator
Battery: 1 x 1.5 volt N-size / LR1 (Included)
Packaged: Individually boxed, 60 per case
Battery for Groovy-Chick
-30% off
Waterproof/Water-safeBatteries Included7-Speed

A c-shaped design fits the curvature of your body when it is inserted, and a broad head sends vibrations to a wider surface of your g-spot. The bulbous shaft will have you quivering in delight as it massages vibration deep into your intimate spaces.

You can position the toy to suit a number of positions with its flexible silicone shaft, which is also body-safe for your peace of mind. This strong, non-porous material makes cleaning easy.

7 rockin' settings give you the power to thrill with 3 rising constant speeds, and 4 different vibration patterns that shake your body through ecstatic blasts of passion.

Not only do you get a dual clitoral and g-spot vibrator, you also get a removeable bullet vibrator, the award-winning RO-80mm. With 2 toys in 1, you can enjoy the jaw-droppingly orgasmic silicone shape while targeting your most sensitive spots with the bullet's tapered tip.

For underwater fun in the bath or a shower that you will never want to end, Groovy-Chick is completely waterproof and fully-submersible.

To get your groove on with incredible clitoral and g-spot orgasms, choose the Groovy-Chick.

  • Dual g-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Massage a wider surface area of your g-spot with its broad head
  • Go hands-free to pleasure a partner with its sit and rock design
  • C-shape design is curved to fit the shape of your body
  • Flexible shaft to help you find the perfect position
  • 2 toys in 1 when you remove the RO-80mm vibrating bullet
  • 7 settings include 3 constant speeds and 4 pulsing patterns
  • Made of high-quality body-safe silicone
  • Completely waterproof and fully-submersible
  • Battery included (x1 N-size)