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Discover every shade of Euphoria with our Rapture luxury USB rechargeable vibrator. Rapture has it all: 10 ultra-powerful vibration settings, filling curves, girth to make your lip curl, and ultra-smooth high-quality silicone. Enjoy a versatile vibrator created for those who crave power, size, and quality in a sophisticated and sensual design.

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Waterproof/Water-safe10-SpeedUSB Rechargeable

Rapture has an impressive maximum circumference of 5½ inches at its widest point. Ultra-smooth silicone and a tapered tip helps the throbbing head glide home where it nestles on your g-spot, and thrills you with deep filling sensations. What's more a soft tapered tip can bury into your sweet spots to rouse body-shaking clitoral orgasms.

With a maximum length of 7 inches, you and a partner can explore each other's bodies as Rapture becomes a high-powered intimate massager.

10 ultra-powerful vibration patterns are controlled from a one-touch button on its base. Find your favourite combination of 3 constant speeds and 7 gorgeous patterns, varying in long and slow pulses that send your body back-arching, and breath-taking orgasms.

Completely waterproof, and with all its sensual moves, Rapture is ideal for completely unwinding during your next hot dip in the bath.

When you feel the flutter that can't be ignored, Rapture can be ready to go on full power for up to 4 hours of power due to is USB rechargeable battery. What's more, it takes only 2 hours to fully charge from zero power.

For strong and magnificent vibrations from a filling shape that shows you pure bliss, choose the Rapture luxury USB rechargeable vibrator.

  • 5½ inches of girth at its widest point for filling sensations
  • Ideal for clitoral, and g-spot satisfaction
  • 10 powerful functions include 3 constant speeds and 7 heart-racing patterns
  • High-quality silicone is body-safe and velvety soft on your skin
  • USB rechargeable
  • Up to 4 hours of play time when fully charged
  • Completely waterproof for easy cleaning and fun in the bath